Introducing Tito Seif

Tito SeifStar dancer and teacher Tito will be teaching a 3-day dance workshop in the San Francisco bay area. Come learn the feeling and subtleties of Egyptian oriental and folkloric dance from the most famous and most accomplished Egyptian male belly dancer and the producer of "Tito's oriental dance show" in Sharm El Sheikh, Egypt. We are very fortunate to have such a dance legend come to us from Egypt. He will be sharing his wealth of knowledge in Egyptian dance and giving us his signature "Tito moves" and choreographies, an Egyptian dance phenomena.

Tito is an internationally acclaimed instructor and one of the world's premier belly dance artists. He's an amazing Egyptian dancer, teacher, choreographer, who is regularly featured as a special guest dancer on numerous international TV stations and networks. Born in 1971, Tito began to belly dance at the age of 14. Within a very short period of time he became one of the biggest names in the business. A prominent, technically proficient, innovative and mesmerizing belly dancer, he is recognized as a leader in the belly dance world. Tito's talents as an entertainer and a gifted prolific instructor are sought after all over the world.

In this workshops, Tito will teach his very unique techniques of Egyptian dance, the clever "Tito twists", and his signature captivating choreographies and combinations.


Tito has been working as a professional dancer in Egypt and has risen very fast to stardom. He trains and performs with his folk dance company. His signature show, called "The Tito oriental show", is performed at "Alf leyla weleyla" (1001 Nights) resort in Sharm El Sheikh - Egypt. In 2004 Tito started teaching and performing outside Egypt (Germany, Australia, Sweden, Canada, Japan, Russia and recently the USA). Many belly dancers worldwide have raved about his workshops; he has a proven track record of imparting his clever techniques to dancers worldwide.


On stage, Tito is an extremely talented dancer. As a very creative and a highly versatile performer, he interprets the music through incredible dynamic movements. Proficient in the use of canes, he's the only dancer in the world who performs the "Asaya" dance with four canes. Tito is well known for his ability to reach and consistently thrill the audiences with his amazing performances. He has a very strong stage presence and charisma and he really knows how to keep the party going!


Tito's talents as an entertainer and a gifted prolific instructor are sought after all over the world. He has a master's touch in various styles of belly dance including the classical oriental dance style "Sharqi", Egyptian folkloric style, Nubian, Khaliji, Ghawazi, Saidi, Candelabra (Shamedaan) and his own signature "Shaabi" style from the streets of Egypt. His classes and workshops are open to all levels of dancers, from beginners through advanced. He instructs professional belly dancers worldwide.

Students & Video Clips

Wherever Tito teaches or performs he leaves his marks. Many of his video clips are very popular on and other websites. Here are some quick samples:

Tito's workshop Nov 2006
Tito performing oriental dance
Tito's cane dance with 4 canes
Tito dancing on tabla

Tito & Hala duet

For more video clips of Tito, go to YouTube and search for "Tito, Egyptian male belly dancer".

Men are not supposed to dance like this:
Bellydance is originally & primarily the folk dance of Egypt. In the privacy of their own community, Egyptian men express their joy by dancing, just like women do. Because Tito is no ordinary dancer, he finally took this beautiful art to stages worldwide. While it maybe new to the world, it is normal in non-touristy, non-sophisticated Egyptian neighborhoods. Tito is a world class entertainer. Experiencing him live is an enchanting and inspiring experience. You will be mesmerized by his athletic ability, his music interpretation and his AMAZING charisma. Tito is not just a dancer, he's an experience. He will defy any stereotypes you may have of men dancing. There is a reason he's the MOST FAMOUS male bellydance artist in whole world. Come see for yourself.

I've already seen Tito dance before.
If you have seen him on YouTube, I invite you to experience him live. Can you eat by looking at pictures of food?
If you have seen Tito live, then you know what an AMAZING entertainer he is. He always has something new and exciting in his shows. With Tito's extensive touring schedule, he cannont afford to repeat himself. He is constantly reinventing himself, as well as the art of Bellydance entertainment. Every time I see him, I learn more, am more impressed and inspired. The venue on Oct 5 is great because you get to see him up close and there are no bad seats. The show will feature, for the first time in our area, French Algerian Star Diana Tarkhan who will enchant you with her beautiful classical oriental style that will bring back to life the Golden Era of Oriental dance. We've planned a stellar show for you with multi-award winner bay area stars including Maria, Khalilah, Natika, Masha, Zahara, and many more. Get inspired, amazed, entertained and have a delicious dinner for around $15/hr. That's unbeatable!

I'm worried the workshops will be above my head.
It's never too early or too late to study with the masters. It will put your dance career on the fast track. Don't worry about not getting every detail, no one does. Everyone learns at their own level and physical ability. You are not a machine so don't expect to be able to replicate everything you see. You are a dancer and every experience you have is going to add to your vocabulary and spectrum. Wouldn't you want to add some stardom to your dance?

"Why should I go?"
Tito is considered the World's most famous male Bellydance artist. In order to reach such status, one has to offer something special in addition to mastering the art of Egyptian dance. Best news: He's coming to us. You don't have to travel far to see him.

"The show is too expensive"
Do you dine out? How much do you spend on a 3 course meal? How about the best Mediterranean food in town? When we, the local Middle Easterners, want to eat our delicious native cuisine, we go to Rose Market. They will be catering the event. How much do you pay to relax for an hour? Let's face it, we all need a 'pick me up' every now and then to face the stresses of daily life. After watching Tito's show, you won't be able to wipe the smile off your face for months afterwards.

If you were to watch his show in Egypt, you would pay a lot more, in addition to flight, accommodation and everything else. It's actually a steal if you think about it: 4 hours of music, food and dance for $15/hr. It's cheaper than most classes. The event is guaranteed to satisfy all the senses. You can't afford NOT to go.

"The workshops are too expensive"
Dancers and dance teachers: Tito and Diana will bump your dance career a few notches up. They will change the way you think about Egyptian dance. As artists, we never stop learning. You owe it to yourself to study with the masters. Your audience, students and fans will notice and love the difference. If you don't invest in yourself, your fans will not invest in you.

"I'll catch them next time they are here"
While I certainly hope Tito and Diana will be back to our area, no one knows what will happen in the future. We know for sure that:

This is Diana's first visit to northern CA, if she's not well received, she will probably not come back. Also as her fame grows, it will be more expensive the next time around. You can't afford not to take advantage of this golden opportunity to see her and study with her this time. Who knows what may happen in the future.