Feedback on Tito's workshops & dance show on Sept 5, 6 & 7, 2008:

Thank you all for your wonderful participation!

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Video Clip: Tito & Hala duet

Introducing Tito

"Hala and Tito make a beautiful stage duo, and their dance captured on film is a prime example of authentic Egyptian duet style. They interpret the song, and they dance a conversation, he proposing, she commenting. Neither copies the other exactly, but each paraphrases the other. It's apparent that the dance has been choreographed, but there's also a delightful improvisatory feel to it, a casual ease like a light-hearted conversation at a party. All of their fluidly graceful, undulating movements flow from the center, like incessantly bubbling lava inside a volcano. Their gestures are softly connected, originating from the torso. This is the kind of dancing I aspire to, and I watch Hala's videos for inspiration" Shauna Pickett-Gordon

Hi Hala,
I just wanted to thank you for hosting another lovely event with the amazing Tito of Egypt. Between Tito's amazing teaching skills, his innovative choreographies, and your incredible ability to be so well organized, the workshops were a huge success. The show was exciting and also well run. I enjoyed all of the performances and truly adored your duet with Tito. You are a fabulous show producer and I appreciate all the work that goes into bringing these big Egyptian stars to the US. We are fortunate to have people like you in the belly dance communtiy. I look forward to future events hosted by you.
Thank you Hala!
Barbara Johnson

LOVED Tito's show!!!!! My sister and I were there -- we agreed we couldn't remember when we had been so thoroughly entertained! Wow, what a performer. Thanks for putting that together, it was an experience that we will remember!
All the best,
Flowers of the Nile

I am a beginner dancer that Tito took to the next level with his amazing energy. Others commented to me about that too. He does teach you dance but more than that, because of his amazing energy, he takes you to another level where you are able to take more risks and your body just does amazing things you never thought possible.
Jean Livingston

I wanted to compliment you on your organization of the Tito weekend. Everything ran so smoothly. There was enough people to run things and everyone seemed to know what they were doing. Everything was perfect. The hall was the right type and the right size, the show certainly had quality dancers and the theatre was very nice. Vendors were the right number and kind. Nice turn out too. The only thing that was not quite up to par was that we could not see Tito from the back part of the room. Maybe a closed camera with a projection above his head set up next time, although he did at times dance in the middle close to us... yum yum. Anyway, good job!! We are so fortunate to have you close.
Jean Livingston

Kudos and thank you for organizing the workshops and show for Tito. You do a valuable service for the dance community to bring Tito's talents to us.

What a fun event you put together. Tito's amazing. I was glad to get the chance to take a workshop with him. Marvelous show, too...

Hala, Thanks for all you do to bring the magic of Egyptian music and dance alive here!
Helwa Betsey Flood

Tito is GREAT! I enjoyed it.

I love Tito! and the show was great!

Fri workshop at Halanda Studio in San Jose, CA