Feedback on Tito's workshops & dance show on Oct 8, 9 & 10, 2010:

Thank you all for your wonderful participation!

Pictures from Tito's Event:
Fri Workshop
Sat Show
Sat & Sun Workshops

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Hala Dance Company sponsored the spectacular Tito Seif and a wonderful line up
of dancers last night. Nothing inspires us more than seeing dancers doing their
thing and doing it with such talent and sparkle. Here is a peek into the good time Tito gave us. Tammy of Raks Africa

Thank you, Hala for all your hard work in organizing these workshops & shows. It is no easy undertaking. Hana Ali

Loved the workshop! Would take his workshop again in a heartbeat!

Workshops were awesome! Learned so much! Please bring him back.

Great workshops! Love Tito!!

Wonderful workshops. Very dynamic teacher. Good pacing.

Tito is enjoyable and has lots of energy!

Thank you for a great day. Really wonderful workshop. Courtney

Great Workshops! We love Tito! Loved everything!

Excellent class. Wish they were more frequent. Bring Tito back again.

thank you so much for Tito workshops-
what a magical weekend! Jamie

thank you Hala! I feel like my dancing is super-charged now. Tabitha

Thank you so much for such a fabulous weekend Hala! Tito's workshops and performances were amazing, as promised! Looking forward to your next big thing :-) Khalilah

Thank-you Hala for putting on an awesome show, I thoroughly enjoyed it! Michael Baxter

Dancing along the arms of the chairs! This boy knows how to party! Thanks be to Mounir the drummer, Tito keeps us entertained while new sound system is delivered!!! Awesome show!

Thank you for this weekend Hala! Ahava

Last Saturday night, I was honored to perform on the same stage as the legendary Tito from Egypt. Hala of San Jose sponsored him to teach and perform all weekend in Redwood City. I am very rarely blown away by a belly dancer, but Tito's performances truly rocked my world. Tito performed five numbers starting with his acrobatic Saidi routine dancing with not one, but four sticks! With fanciful leaps and a gigantic grin, Tito spun, balanced, and twirled his sticks in ways that I did not think were possible. After the sound system went kaput on two of the dancers, including Tito, the stage crew were desperate for a solution during intermission. Mounir, my drummer, saved the show by providing live music for me and Tito while they waited for a boom box to arrive. After intermission, I performed with Mounir dancing to a drum solo that we had worked up together. Then Mounir ended up drumming for Tito on the fly while Tito danced his way into the audience. Tito jumped up onto the arm rests of a seat where a very surprised woman sat and gave her quite show! The audience was dying of laughter and shock. Of course, there were many other memorable moments from the show. Many talented Bay Area dancers performed to Egyptian songs with personality and precision. I barely survived Tito's Sunday workshops on Saidi and Shaabi choreography. His choreography is so intricate and musical that I felt like I had two left feet trying to keep up with him! All in all, last weekend with Tito was an inspirational and humbling experience. It will take me many more weeks to process the experience of Tito's energy, showmanship, musicality and fluidity. A DVD will be coming out of the show soon. I can't wait to show you all! You can check out a few backstage pictures of the show here!
of Citrus Heights

Hi Hala, I just wanted to thank you for hosting the workshop - it was amazing! Cristina

Dear Hala - I attended last nights performance at the Vets Memorial Theater,
my first belly dancing experience. It was spectacular! Ann

I hope you are all rested up from the workshop weekend and show. I wanted to let you know that I enjoyed the show Saturday night - whatever technical sound system difficulties were, the performers and stage crew handled it well and the show lineup was impressive, well worth the price of a ticket.
Tito is obviously an accomplished and brilliant dancer in both the folklkoric stick dance (amazing!) and Raks Oriental and quite the showman! Your duet with him was well-done and utterly charming!

Hala, Thank you so much for organizing the inspiring weekend. I am honored to have performed in the evening show and was fully amazed by Tito's performances and choreography. I have a lot to practice now! Adriane

Hala, Tito was magical, and I totally enjoyed the show. I look forward to attending future events. Vakasha

Thanks Hala! Was a wonderful night with Tito and you. Thanks a lot! Kisses, Somm

My students who attended Tito's show and workshops said that he was great and they really enjoyed his performances. MaShuqa

Hi Hala -Thank you so much for hosting such an incredible weekend! I was mildly delerious with fatigue and endorphins when I wrote my evaluation form and I didn't really give any worthwhile feedback. You were such a gracious MC and dancer. I was always comfortable. And the group was super professional and very nice. The Hall was perfect - I LOVED that room. Best possible floor, great light, wonderful perimeter, good air circulation, unexpected fabulous lunches! Nice and deep hall so all the rows could see well. Top notch public restroom - this was really, really appreciated! Dedicated sound person - I've never seen this and it is inspired! Frees you to manage everything & hopefully dance and there's much less time wasted in class. NO MIRRORS - THANK YOU!!! Watch & follow the teacher's expertise and delivery now, watch yourself & refine things later...Tito - amazing. I obviously don't need to tell you... I will never forget the sexy thigh shimmy up! I love how much strength his dancing requires, and how he melds it with grace and power. I am so grateful for how hard he worked us.The show was obviously affected by unfortunate technical problems, and everything was handled in the most professional and clever way. Huge kudos to the stage crew, and to the dance & music improv! I really enjoyed the show. So thanks again for such a high caliber event! Because I am new to Egyptian, it was a bit of a gamble when I signed up for the whole weekend - Tito & your credentials seemed top notch but I really didn't quite know what I was getting myself into. I trained hard to be ready and both of you delivered in every way. I will definitely be looking for these kind of experiences in the future. Thanks you, Ellen

Dear Hala, thank you so much for organizing the event and giving us an opportunity to study with the best. I had wonderful time at the workshops and the show. My students also really enjoyed it! We'll keep supporting your great work & looking forward to the future events! Please give a big hug and thank you to Tito. Maria

Thank you Hala for making this event possible! It was a great weekend of workshops :) Masha

Hi, I saw the Tito show in Redwood city and I loved it! Sandra S

Fri workshop at Halanda Studio in San Jose, CA