Feedback on Atef Farag's workshop & show:

Thank you, Hala, for the wonderful opportunity to take Atef's workshop. It was amazing!
Please pass along to him my sincere appreciation, and tell him that it was my favorite class so far in my tenure as an Oriental Dancer! I re-read your description of him in the list email you sent and you said it best -- he took me back to the era and elegance which drew me to this dance in the first place. I am grateful to be re-inspired. I listen to the entire CD every day! I would really give anything to be able to study more closely with him on a regular basis...too bad Cairo is such a long plane ride!

Dearest Hala,
I'm so impressed with everything you do -- your website, explanations, sponsorships, presentations,
thoroughness, kindness... I can only imagine the amount of work and investment that goes into your
efforts to keep the history, culture and tradition of Oriental Dance alive and well! You are a **treasure** and we are all so very lucky to have you as an ambassador of this dance!
Much love,

Dear Hala, Thank you! I had alot of fun. You produced a great show.
Mr. Farag was so nice. He really is a wonderful teacher. I always have such a hard time with choreography but the way he broke it down and danced it over and over helped me to learn it. He is very patient and has a warm disposition.

Hi Hala,Thank you very much for putting together the Atef Farag workshop and evening performance, both were excellent and are highly recommended. I learnt a lot, certainly a major workout for me. Please extend my thanks to Mr. Atef Farag for his excellent teaching; your troupe and other great dancers for the memorable evening performance plus all your support staff for their hard work.
Looking forward to the next workshop, hopefully soon?
Best regards,
Stephen Wong

Yes, fully agree. Other than the learning and fun, my muscles ache when I woke up this morning. It indicates I did a workout. :-) Many thanks for all the efforts in putting together this event. My husband enjoyed the performance. He also likes my (new) outfit and my certificate. :-)

Dear Hala, I feel the same way too. Thank you so much for the wonderful workshop!! And it's always nice to see your performances :-) Thanks!

Hi Hala, Are you and Atef just totally exhausted? Being at work all day was such a let down after being with my fellow dancers all day and night Saturday. It was all so much fun, including the Excelsior after party.
Thanks again and congratulations on another success!

Hi Hala, I really enjoyed Atef's workshop, it was great! I was operating on 4 hrs sleep and little food but I really enjoyed it. Thanks for all your efforts organizing the event, I know how much work it takes!
Suzanne Ise

Hi Hala, Thanks for the opportunity to study with Mr. Farag. I really enjoyed his class, and will make a point to look him up next time I am in Cairo to learn more.

Please tell Atef thank you if you have a chance. I really enjoyed his workshop.

Dearest Hala, Thank you again for hosting Atef; he is a great resource for dancers to learn from as is his wife Magda.

Please tell Atef thank you, and I so appreciate his wonderful expertise
Veena of BellyTwins

"Atef has been teaching me my part in our duet and I have to say I'm blown away by his skills as a dancer, choreographer & teacher!! As some of you know, I have very high standards and he definitely exceeded my wildest expectations!! He's the kind of teacher who makes you go beyond what you think is possible for yourself. His choreographies; simple, elegant and full of 'wow' factors, remind me of what I grew up watching in Egypt during the golden age of the Reda Troupe and the time of state sponsorship for the arts. Those days are unfortunately gone but people like Atef, his wife Magda, and many others are keeping it alive."
From Hala's email

Introducing Atef Farag


Atef Farag workshop & show pictures

Hala Dance Company presented master Egyptian dancer, choreographer and teacher of the Reda Troupe & the American University in Cairo, Mr. Atef Farag of Cairo, Egypt in a 2-day workshop & show in Redwood City, CA on June 4 & 5, 2005.

Pictures from Atef Farag's Sat workshop June 4th, 2005

Sat show & Sun workshop pictures coming soon...