Introducing Samraa al Nil, Badia'a

Samraa al Nil, Badia'aHala Dance Company is proud to announce that Badia'a, Samraa al Nil will be headlining 'A Celebration of Egyptian Dance' after Mahmoud Reda's workshop on 27th July, 2002. Badia'a, Samraa al Nil (translated as Badia'a, brunette of the Nile) started her dance career in 1983 and has risen fast to stardom because of her dedication, beautiful dance style and continuous hard work. She danced and acted in many stage productions in Egypt, appeared with several famous TV personalities including pop singer Amr Diab, and lead her own Egyptian folkloric dance troupe in many performances in Egypt and other Arab countries.


  • "When she dances, the world changes" - Mahmoud Reda about Badia'a's dancing
  • "I judge a dancer by how she performs to Om Kolthom… Badia'a is perfect!" - world renowned dance choreographer Raqia Hassan
  • "She made me feel like I was in Cairo again" Zahra Zuhair, star dancer of LA, CA
  • "When I see her dancing, I actually feel her" Robert Randolph, Badia'a's husband
  • Career

    Badia'a acknowledges the contributions of many wonderful teachers to her dance and show business career including Mahmoud Reda's top troupe members. She says about Mahmoud Reda "Later in America, I travelled with Mahmoud to two cities and witnessed his workshops. I feel such a kinship and closeness to him. I can't help but feel that although I had not signed his contract to be a member of his Reda Company, that it is in fact, Reda blood that flows through my veins". She not only was the star performer in Hassan Ali's troupe but she was also the Artistic Director and co-troupe leader with many spectacular performances in Egypt, Jordan and the United Arab Emirates.

    Samraa al Nil, Badia'a


    Badia'a continued her long artistic journey which had taken her throughout Egypt, from summer performances along the beautiful waters of Alexandria, to the sprawling metropolis of Cairo to her home away from home, Luxor and Aswan. She had started out performing at nightclubs, then moved to 5-star hotels. She had appeared in festivals, on TV, in movies, many theatre productions and had danced for Royalties and Heads of States ranging from North Africa, through the Middle East and throughout the Arabic Gulf countries.  Samraa al Nil, Badia'a


    Her greatest journey, however, came when her agent contacted her to join a tour to the US with famous singer Samira Saeed and comedian Hamada Sultan. The five-city tour began in Orlando and ended in Los Angeles where she met her husband and soul mate. Samraa al Nil, Badia'a resides in Los Angeles from where she frequently travels to teach workshops and provide special shows. She has appeared on Arab American TV and performed for the President's party at the Democratic National Convention. She has appeared in America for concert tours for Amr Diab, Samira Toufik and Ehab Toufik. For more information, please email her at

    For more information, visit the 'A Celebration of Egyptian Dance' show schedule. Seats are limited, so be sure to pre-register to avoid disappointment.