Feedback on Tito's workshops & dance show on Jan 26th & 27th, 2008:

Thank you all for your wonderful participation!

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Introducing Tito

Tito was wonderful! Please bring Tito again. Every year.

Thank you so much for the chance to learn from Tito . He is truly an
amazing dancer.

Thanks again for hosting Tito from Egypt. He was amazing and we thoroughly enjoyed the workshops and show. You're a great host!
Lucia from San Diego

Kudos to you on organizing everything so well! I sure enjoyed the dancing and the performances. And thanks for all your hard work bringing Tito here - it was really awesome to see him.

This workshop was wonderful. Tito is very friendly, he did a great job teaching dance steps. Very good music. I liked it that we started on time! Great job!

Thank you Hala. We all appreciate all your hard work and organizing. Keep doing it! We love Tito!

Keep bringing the stars! - Anonymous

Tito was a wonderful choice - my favorite! I loved it and would love to return for another. Thank you! - Anonymous

Great workshop - excellent teacher, always smiling. Great show. Great drum - Anonymous


photos by Carl Sermon