Feedback on Farida Fahmy's workshop & Dondi's show:

Hi Hala,
THANK YOU for hosting such an amazing workshop. I still can't get over being star-struck because I actually got to sit and eat lunch with Farida on Sunday. She has been one of my idols for a long time. Thank goodness I was able to make it to both days.

Hi to my fellow Belly Dancers,
I had the good fortune of attending Farida Fahmy's workshop in Redwood City which was produced and hosted by Hala and her dance company. Not only is Ms. Fahmy an amazingly accomplished dancer, she is also a very gracious and gifted instructor as well. In her two-day workshop she taught us dance technique as well as a Saidi choreography. She had the music for her choreography available for purchase on CD. She hopes to put out an instructional video of this particular choreography sometime in the future. If she does, I will certainly buy it.
Farida Fahmy was the principal lead female dancer and a founding member of Mahmoud Reda's dance troupe which was the first officially recognized folkloric dance troupe in Egypt. The Reda Dance Ensemble was the first group to bring the folkloric dances of Egypt to the Egyptian and international stage. For those of you who would like to learn more about Farida Fahmy, I suggest that you read the following book: "Daughter of Egypt: Farida Fahmy and the Reda Troupe" by Marjorie A. Franken, ISBN 0-931539-24-2, copyright 2001.
If you ever have the opportunity to take a workshop with Ms. Fahmy, I highly recommend that you do so. Her significance as a dancer and pioneer in helping to preserve and elevate the folkloric dances of Egypt to the level of ART cannot be underestimated.

Dear Hala,
I had such a wonderful time this weekend. How I wish I had been able to take Saturday's workshop as well! Madame Farida is just such a wonderful teacher, in terms of both content and teaching ability. I would have been happy no matter what to be around someone of her legendary stature, but add to the fact her excellent teaching skills and lovely personality, it was truly one of the best workshops I've been to in years.
I also felt a very positive atmosphere overall. I think your positive attitude must be infused into your events.
Hala I actually felt part of a dance "community" this weekend! I have missed that so much! So many nice people! I so appreciate having you as such a warm and supportive sister in dance.
With love and gratitude!

Hello Hala
The show was great, you do an excellent job as a dance event coordinator. I had tons of fun and I left feeling wonderful about the performance.
Presia (Brisa)

Dear Hala,
thank you so much for this weekend. I am so glad to have been included, and to have had the chance to study with someone like Farida Fahmy. My head is still reeling from the workshop, I haven't felt so inspired in a very long time. This weekend rekindled a happiness in the dance that has been missing for me lately, and seeing how much work I need to do in order to improve was actually very exciting. It makes me feel hopeful.
You did an amazing job organizing everything, it was all top notch - from every conceivable angle. I just wanted you to know your work is very much appreciated by all us dancers.
Ok! Now! I am going to take a nap -- you guys wore me out!

Farida Fahmy is a very special person and excellent teacher. I definitely enjoyed the workshop, and learned a lot of fantastic moves. Thank you Hala for sponsoring this fantastic teacher and dancer.

Thank you Hala and all the volunteers for putting on this wonderful event!! The workshop with Farida was very helpful. I think I learned a lot especially about the spirit of the dance and where the movement comes from. The dancers were beautiful and Dondi's speech & performance very moving. Peace to all of you!! Thank you!

Introducing Mahmoud Reda


Farida Fahmy workshop pictures

Hala Dance Company presented the legendary Egyptian dancer and co-founder of the Reda Troupe, Farida Fahmy of Cairo, Egypt in a 2-day workshop in Redwood City, CA on August 7 & 8, 2004.

Pictures from Farida Fahmy's workshop on Aug 7th & 8th, 2004. Click here!

Pictures from "The Way We Dance" show in honor of Farida Fahmy. Coming soon...