"Dance Dance Celebration!" Saturday evening show in honor of Raqia Hassan!

We are very excited about the wonderful line up we have for our dance show in honor of Raqia Hassan!

The best of the best in Egyptian style belly dance will be showcasing their art in Redwood City, CA on Sat Apr 21st, 2007 in honor of Raqia Hassan visit, the top dance teacher & choreographer from Egypt.

If you are interested in volunteering, vending or private classes with Raqia Hassan, please contact us!!

An amazing cast of stars, all in one show! Please reserve your tickets early!

Date :
Saturday 21st April, 2007
Location :

Veterans Memorial Center Theater, 1455 Madison Ave, Redwood City, CA 94061

Schedule :

Saturday 21st April, 2007 Evening show :

  • Doors open at 6:30pm, show starts 7.00pm
  • An array of different dance styles from Egypt and India by star performers from all over the world!
  • Show finishes at 9.00pm

Saturday 21st April & Sunday 22nd April, 2007 (Workshops)

Admission :
  • At door : $30
Program Advertising:

All ads will be printed in greyscale.

  • Ad Prices : (size below includes 1/4 inch margins)
    Full page (8.5x11): $100
    Half page: $70
    Quarter page: $50
    1/8th page: $30
    Business card size: $20
    Corporate sponsorship: $250. Includes a full page ad, 2 VIP show tickets in the front 2 rows, an honorable promotion by our MC plus a gift from Hala Dance.
  • Details : To submit an ad for the show program, please send the file to hala@haladance.com in pdf or doc (MS word) formats.

    Deadline for ad submission is Wed Mar 28th, 2007

Registration :

Please arrive early and buy tickets at the door.

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Show Line-up:
Starring in the show will be Tamra-henna and Mohamed Shahin in addition to many other star dancers who specialize in Egyptian style belly dance or fuse it beautifully & innovatively into their performances.

Tamra-henna has performed for 7 years in the Middle East. She is one of Raqia Hassan's star students and has a deep understanding and exquisite command of Raqs Sharqi (Egyptian for belly dance). Her musical interpretation and technique are shaped by her life in Egypt and the extensive study of the Arabic language and culture. Tamra-henna has a Master of Fine Arts degree in Dance Choreography (within the genre of Raqs Sharqi,) from the University of California, Los Angeles. There, at the Department of World Arts and Cultures, she taught accredited classes in Raqs Sharqi technique and culture. In 2005 Tamra-henna performed internationally as a featured soloist and workshop instructor with the "Bellydance Superstars."

Mohamed Shahin of Cairo, Egypt has been dancing since he was 14 and is currently a world-renowned performer and instructor of the folkloric & oriental dances of Egypt, including Tanoura (Whirling Dervish) and Saidi Tahtib, which he will be demonstrating on Apr 21st. He earned his degree in Egyptian, Classical and Modern Dance from the famous Egyptian El Kawmia Troupe and began what became a lifelong career of performing at nightclubs and five-star hotels. Mohamed has appeared in numerous TV programs, theaters, video clips and movies as a dancer and choreographer. He has served as artistic director for Egyptian singer Samir Sabry's dance troupe. Mohamed will be teaching at the 2007 "Ahlan wa Sahlan" Dance Festival in Cairo.
Mohamed's mission as a performer and instructor is to introduce the male folkloric dances of the Middle East into the West, which are still relatively unknown compared to "belly dance," their female counterpart. Tanoura dancing, for example, is a form of sacred Sufi dancing that has existed for centuries, but that remains generally unheard of outside the Middle East. It emulates the spinning motion of the Sufis, who use dance as a means of communing with the Divine. Tanoura dancers, originally persecuted by Orthodox Ottoman Turks for their "heresy" now boast an array of fantastic colors on their outfits to celebrate their vibrant tradition.

Meera, also a star student of Raqia Hassan's, has entertained and captivated audiences on six continents. She has been featured as an actress, guest dancer and choreographer in films, TV commercials, and music videos internationally. Having performed for dignitaries, royalty, and worldwide audiences, she was recently chosen to represent India in the Commonwealth Games Bid for 2010. Her style of dancing is unique, focusing on the various dances of India, & authentic Egyptian & Cabaret style Belly Dancing, with the natural essence of her East Indian heredity and technique flowing through every performance.

Karawan, who is inspired by the old style of belly dance and is enchanted by the rich world of classical songs and ballads of the past, is one of the best dancers to embody Raqia Hassan's beautiful techniques.

Debbie's command of Egyptian dance is phenomenal. Her Fifi Abdo style is unique, expressive and endearing. She received her Bachelor of Arts in Middle Eastern Studies from the University of Texas at Austin. Notable teachers and influences in her dance include Mona Said and Raqia Hassan of Egypt. She is the program manager of Dance Mission Theater, a multicultural dance school & theater in San Francisco.

Catarina, also a student of Raqia Hassan, spent eighteen months of dance study in Cairo, Egypt, where she specialized in the Reda Troupe technique of Egyptian folkloric and oriental dance with her primary trainers, Atef Farag and Magda.

Hala has been dancing to the rhythms and melodies of the Middle East since she was a child in Alexandria, Egypt. She has been praised for her authentic form, elegant style and immaculate rhythms. Captivating audiences with her passion and energy, Hala performs solo and with her troupe.
She has been teaching and performing her native dance all over the world since 1997. This year, she taught Middle Eastern dance at Stanford University's Dance Dept. Her dance troupe was selected from over 115 dance companies to perform at the San Francisco Ethnic Dance Festival in 2004. In 2005, she performed with master percussionist Hossam Ramzy in London, England and presented her native art at the Los Angeles County Museum of Arts in celebration of the King Tut exhibit. In 2006, Hala opened Halanda Studio in San Jose where they offer classes in many international dance styles as well as dance parties, workshops, video shoots and more.
In addition to performing & teaching, Hala leads dance tours to Turkey & Egypt, and hosts dance workshops by Master Egyptian teachers.

Ahava is a multi-award winning performer who dances professionally throughout the San Francisco Bay Area. Her main influences are Fifi Abdo, Randa Kamel and Raqia Hassan. Last Year, she won the title '2006 Queen of Raks Sharqi.' Her prize included a free trip to Cairo, Egypt and an opportunity to dance at the 2007 "Ahlan Wa Sahlan" Festival.

Marcela is a passionate dancer. Brazilian and full of energy she started her dance studies with classical ballet and then switched to other Afro Brazilian styles of dance such as samba and axe. In 2004 she moved to USA and had her childhood dream of studying belly dance come true. "I'm in love with belly dance, we're one! The music and I."

This wonderful and unique opportunity to see a wide variety of styles from the stars of Egyptian dance is the closest you can get to experience this dance in its authentic Egyptian flavor without flying there. The event is hosted by the Hala Dance Company. Founded by an Egyptian to bring authentic Egyptian arts to the bay area.