Feedback on Raqia Hassan's workshops & "Dance Dance Celebration" show in her honor on April 21st & 22nd, 2007:

Thank you all for your wonderful participation!

Introducing Raqia Hassan

Thank you Hala! for putting on that fabulous workshop & show with Raqia. It totally changed my whole perspective on Oriental dance & was like starting from square one, with a master, really one the founders of that style. Her approach to the movements is completely different than most of what I have learned from others. It was so interesting to hear her describe how they translate the folkloric movements into "elegant" oriental style and to hear her explain her thought process when putting together a choreography. I'm just now recovering physically from the workout she gave us & I'm sure the other participants are too. It was a thrill to see her dance so close up & really feel the magic of her style. She is still a stunning performer even in a workshop setting. The show was great too & I'm really looking forward to Mohammed Shaheen's workshop. His cane performance & Sufi dance were both impeccable - and what a cutie too! Thanks for all your hard work & another great event in our area! Those of you who missed it, what a bummer, hopefully she can come back again.
Suzanne Ise

Dear Hala,
Thank you from the bottom of my heart for inviting me to be a part of your wonderful event with Raqia. I was star struck all weekend. It may sound silly, I know, but I was in awe from such a charismatic, powerful and extremely talented artist as Raqia. It is not easy for me to get away, especially to Cairo. I really feel blessed to have had such an experience and it is because you brought her here. Your love of dance and desire to share it with everyone with such a gracious spirit is a gift to us all.
Yours truly,

Hi ya Hala,
The show was truly AWESOME. We were a group of 10 and thoroughly enjoyed the performances. The presentation was professional, the costumes beautiful and the dancing excellent. It was spectacular and on behalf of the entire group, we thank you for bringing us this classy show.
Looking forward to meeting you one day soon ISA.
All the best,

I am glad I did come to the performance. It was one of the best performances I had the opportunity to attend. It was awesome! Now onwards I will keep an eye on the performances organized by Hala Dance and will not miss it. I look forward to attending the next program. I was wondering one of the dance which you performed in the later part of the program that was so beautiful, the background music was from a female singer from Lebonon. After watching your dance to this music I am fixated to get this CD!
Best of luck in your performances! Keep up the good work.
Best wishes,

Greetings Hala,
What a great show you have put together last week. I loved the variety! From my personal view, I thought this was your best show ever. Keep up all the great work that you do.

My hat goes off to you for having put together such a successful workshop and dance show last weekend. It was an awesome experience! :)

The workshop was very useful. I learnt many new movements and combinations, especially the Egyptian style. Mme Raqia Hassan is an excellent instructor. I'd be very happy to have more workshops with her. Thank you!

Thank you Hala, for your energy and for sponsoring Madame Raqia. Raqia Hassan is an excellent instructor because in addition to creating beautiful choreography, she teaches the essence of Egyptian style - the performance aspects of Raqs Sharqi Oriental Dance: timing, expression, grace, and subtleties and nuances of body movement and positions to match both the feeling of the music and the literal meaning of the poetry of the lyrics. You know that the instruction is a success when the dancers taking class look beautiful each in their own way as they learn and internalize the instruction.
Raqia's teaching provides many levels of instruction take-aways: dance steps, choreography, translation of songs, dance movement detail, proper attitude and expression, and joy in dancing. Although some students may have found it difficult to take instruction "in the round" with Raqia in the center of the room, this instructional format provides four learning aspects not found in the traditional dance instruction in lines. Instruction in the round provides the opportunity and option to: 1) "mirror" the instructor and learn the choreography with the opposite footing and body presentation, 2) learn feeling and attitude by watching Raqia's facial expressions, 3) learn to perform the choreography with a holistic presentation in the round, and consequently 4) to develop more individualized performance of her choreography.
Ma*Shuqa Mira Murjan

Thanks again for bring madame Raqia to the Bay Area! I had soooo much fun, I learned a lot and will truly never forget that weekend experience :-)

Thank you for <the show>, it was an outstanding performance. I especially liked the last guy with the twirling skirts, is there any more of those kind of performances coming up in the bay area, or a video tape or DVD with that kind of dancing exclusively? It was EXTREMELY impressive, and something I had never seen before. I was told it was out of Egypt. I have been telling countless people about the great performance I saw.
Carol Ann Wegenast

Hala, Congratulations on your highly successful evening show. You dazzled us with an amazing lineup of stellar performers, their musical interpretation and technique are so fabulous. Tamra-henna and Mohamed Shahin definitely put this show over the top. It was the best dance show I have ever seen. Thank you for putting this spectacular show together. Can't wait for your show DVD to come out! Now, if only I know how to spin non-stop for 15+ minutes :)
Stephen Wong

Hello Hala - Congrats on all your hard work! our lives are all the better and enriched for the experience you enabled.

Thank you again for such a wonderful event, and for graciously opening up your home to us for private lessons with Madame Raqia. I'm sending this so I can be sure to stay in touch, and continue to support Halanda Studio events in the future, All the best,

Hey Hala,
I just wanted to say thanks so much for putting on such a great event this weekend. I was sorry i wasn't able to attend the show, but I heard it was also wonderful thanks again,

I had a great time and got a lot out of the workshop. BTW I really enjoyed your dancing. You have obviously been working hard on your own style in addition to building up your studio and troupe.

I really enjoyed Raqia's workshop, it was so informational, SHE was so friendly and giving, and I am completely inspired!

Dear Hala,
Thank you so much for arranging a most enjoyable workshop with Raqia. I really had a great time.

This was a great workshop! Well worth the money. A very good teacher. Thank you!

Workshop w/Raqia was fantastic, inspiring and Iearnt new technique as well as different perspective on stand and isolations.

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